Connection and Loyalty

Our Promise

Connection, loyalty, and craftsmanship are the pillars of the Sundance® Spas philosophy. Our spas give you exactly what you need to be your true self, providing an environment that brings social circles together and couples and families closer. Built on trust and excellence, the relationship we have with customers and carefully-selected dealers reinforce the reputation we have earned.

Our Craftsmanship

While we may have built our brand, it is truly maintained and upheld by dealers across the world. These Sundance® Spas dealers have spent decades earning and maintaining a reputation, forming communities, and shaping the Sundance® Spas brand into what it is today.

More Than a Spa, It’s a Way of Life

Backed by experience, reliability and an unbeatable dealer network, we give you the confidence that your spa has everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

Built on Community & Commitment

Once you experience the beauty and luxury of a Sundance® Spas hot tub, you’ll see why owners buy again and again. There’s no doubt about it, life is truly better with the Sundance® Spas brand. Enjoy a new way of life, find your local dealer in Benelux today.