Retail price: €8,495

Monthly Payments: $49/month

Model Overview

A Spa With Five Seats

198 cm x 173cm x 81 cm
Space for : 5 Adults
Only sitting
20 Jets Total
Volume Spa
961 L
1415 kg. Filled
Water management system
CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen™ Clean Water System.

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About the Paisley™ spa

The Paisley™ hot tub was built with your relaxation and family time in mind. The sculpted seats and bench seating match perfectly, creating the perfect environment for conversation and quality family time. Sit back, relax and make memories with your family and friends that will stay with you for years to come.

With advanced features like interior and exterior LED lighting, an adjustable water fountain, comfort pillows and a user-friendly control system, you'll never want to leave the water. The Paisley™ is also equipped with full foam insulation that is both supportive and energy efficient, and durable unibody construction that uses high-quality materials, resulting in an unforgettable spa experience that can last for many years to come.

Features of the Paisley™ spa

Traditional filtration system
Enjoy water that is both clean and safe with the Traditional Filtration System. As water flows through this filter, particles, dirt and other contaminants are captured and retained so you can easily remove them all at once when you clean the filter.
Stainless Steel Jet Trim
Sundance® spas are built with durability, longevity, and quality in mind, with no compromise on style. Stainless Steel Jet Trim helps create a more sleek and stylish aesthetic, so your spa looks as good on the outside as it performs on the inside.
Plug and Play
Our 120V spas are easy to connect, fill and enjoy; just use existing outlets without the need for an electrician.

Optional features of the Paisley™ spa

Suite package
Suite package includes matching steps with storage, a handrail and a lid lifter.

The Sundance® Splash™ Series

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