General Care for Your Spa

Whether it be that the water isn’t getting warm, one of the jets stopped working or you simply have no power to the unit whatsoever, our service crew will troubleshoot for you. While some problems are more simply fixed than others, the crew has the training and experience to get to the bottom of the problem for you. Their goal is to provide you with quality hot tub service to get your tub back up and running as quickly as possible. Don’t attempt to fix the problem on your own, turn to someone who knows how to get the job done right. You will save yourself a lot of stress and hassle when dealing with your hot tub.

Operating Costs

Sundance® Spas brand hot tubs are among the most energy-efficient on the market. In fact, most are significantly lower than the industry average for similar hot tubs. Keep in mind that this cost may range based on the size of your spa, your location and how often it is used. To keep your hot tub costs at an all-time low, we suggest using an energy-efficient setting and installing a secure hot tub cover and cover lifter.

Chemical Storage

Save money and increase the life of your test strips and spa chemicals by safely storing them.

  • Maintain an Even Temperature
    Extreme hot and cold temperatures can damage and/or reduce the shelf life of test strips and chemicals. Avoid storing chemicals in direct sunlight, near heaters, or in hot places like attics. In colder temperatures, bring chemicals indoors.

  • Keep Them Dry
    Store supplies in a tightly sealed container and ensures they are kept closed. Don’t place the container directly on the ground or on concrete; ensure it is on a raised platform. In addition, make sure the caps are closed tightly after each use.

  • Lock Them Up
    Make sure children and pets cannot get into your hot tub supplies. Keep the original packaging. Decorative containers are pretty, but the original containers are best. They’ll have instructions on how to use and store each chemical, and you’ll be sure not to mix them up.

Replacement Filters and Parts

You may be wondering where to purchase parts and products for your hot tub. Your local Netherlands Sundance® Spas dealership is the only source authorized to sell you parts and products specifically for your brand of spa.

Trusted Water Care Products

Our water management systems and products were developed with one thing in mind: to make caring for your spa as easy as it can possibly be. We offer a complete line of products, backed by the trusted Sundance® Spas name.

  • SunPurity™ PLUS Water Enhancer: After you test and balance your spa water, but before you add the sanitizer, add SunPurity™ PLUS to improve your water quality and spa performance.

  • Pre-Filter: Connect this to your standard garden hose to filter your water as you are filling your spa. Especially useful for hard water, it provides five stages of filtration using ion exchange resins.

  • MicroFiber Spa Pre-Filter: Remove dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium before it even reaches your spa with this disposable pre-filter, which reduces total dissolved solids in the water.

  • 6-in-1 Test Strips: Standard strips only measure chlorine down to 1 ppm, but our professional strips are designed to measure 0.5 ppm, the ideal number for the CLEARRAY® system. Plus, they also measure bromine, free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, and water hardness.

  • Filter flosser: This attachment makes your life easier with a focused spray that gets right where you need it to clean your filter the most. Remove debris and help your filter last longer.

  • Spa vacuum: Bringing in a little dirt or sand is no problem when you can vacuum it right up with your spa vacuum.

Sundance® Spas Genuine Parts

Engineered specifically to optimize your experience, Sundance® Genuine Parts and Accessories prolong your enjoyment of your hot tub, letting you focus on the way you and your family feel when you use your Sundance® Spa.

  • Our parts and accessories are built to the highest standards of quality, durability, and performance—so you get years of carefree hot tub use.

  • Our engineers have designed each item to fit your hot tub’s exact specifications, ensuring optimal performance and function.

  • Only Genuine Sundance® Spas Parts and Accessories are backed by our experience and warranty. Still have questions? Ask an expert at your local Sundance® Spas authorized dealer.