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Every homeowner has a dream backyard. This space is a social one that should be used for everything from casual family dinners to hosting parties. One excellent way to achieve your dream backyard is to invest in a top-quality from Sundance® Spas hot tub or SwimLife Swim Spa.

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Steps to Planning Your Installation

If you’re considering a new hot tub for your backyard space, it’s important to plan your installation. We recommend following this general guide:

  1. Stick to your budget, both for the initial costs and long-term costs of running your hot tub regularly. This is very important to consider before even beginning the installation prep process.
  2. Prepare your backyard for installation. This involves finding the ideal spot in your backyard that will fit your hot tub, as well as areas in which in-ground hot tubs can be easily installed. We recommend doing this before you purchase your hot tub to ensure that you have a properly-sized area to install it.
  3. Find the right accessories for your hot tub and essentials for your backyard living space. This can range from water care products to a conversation set and more.
  4. Schedule a time to have your hot tub delivered and installed by our team of professional builders.

The Importance of a Safe Hot Tub Installation

The experts at your local Sundance® Spas dealership can help you bring a safe and enjoyable hot tub installation to life. Once the hot tub has been delivered to your home, the installation can begin.

The team of talented and experienced hot tub installation specialists at your local hot tub store will take on the job for you with pristine effort and results, or help you find a certified contractor if needed.

Budgeting for Your Hot Tub

Every homeowner should have a budget set up for their hot tub. Your hot tub budget should account for costs such as the initial purchase of the hot tub, long-term accessories like the cover or steps, monthly maintenance supplies, and construction during the installation process, which can include labour and materials from an expert team.

Before you start shopping for a hot tub, we recommend setting a budget that is comfortable for your lifestyle. This will help to reduce your risk of buyer’s remorse or making an investment that isn’t very affordable for you.

Ways to Find Inspiration for Your Outdoor Space

Looking for inspiration? We recommend finding inspiration for your outdoor space in the following ways:

Accessories for Your Hot Tub

Your new hot tub certainly doesn’t have to be plain! We offer a wide range of hot tub accessories, including:

Visit your nearest Sundance® Spas dealership in the Netherlands to start your journey towards owning and using your own personal backyard hot tub today!