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The Simpler Approach to Hot Tub Ownership

Introducing the revolutionary SmartTub™ System – the ultimate way to enhance your relaxation, recovery, and performance. With just a tap on your smartphone, experience the future of spa ownership, as it allows for easy access and maintenance of your hot tub. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional hot tub management and step into the world of SmartTub™ – where luxury meets convenience.

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SmartTub™ System Features

It’s time to take your hot tub experience into the future. Explore the innovative features and technology of the SmartTub™ System, designed with luxury, comfort and convenience in mind.

Remote Access and Control

Ultimate Convenience With the App

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Smart Heat Mode

How to Use Smart Heat Mode for SmartTub® Owners

Smart Heat Mode is a new energy-saving feature for SmartTub® owners that use their spa once or a few times per week.

Setup Smart Heat Mode

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Smart Heat Mode Features

Smart Heat Mode for SmartTub® owners includes the feature of adjusting the target water temperature to fit the time until the next intended spa usage. The system will automatically regulate the heating temperature to save energy during idle periods and ramp up the temperature hours before the scheduled use.
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Vacation Mode

Smart Heat Mode feature also includes a Vacation Mode, which allows owners to save energy while they are away from their spa. By selecting this mode, the spa will automatically adjust the heating temperature to a calculated minimum temperature until the customers turn off the Vacation Mode.
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I Want to Soak Today

To configure the heat-up time, customers can choose to wait 1-4 hours until the spa is ready to use. The longer the wait time, the more energy is saved. If customers are willing to wait the full 4 hours, they will save the most energy. However, if they prefer a shorter warm-up time, they will still save energy, but not as much.


FAQs About Smart Heat Mode

We listed the most frequent questions to help you learn more about Smart Heat Mode.

Correct, the Smart Heat Mode is a new feature exclusively for current SmartTub® users.
On the Smart Heat Mode menu, press the ? and more information will be presented.
We changed the name of that functionality to Night Mode since we thought it made more sense. Everything else remains the same.
Our Models suggest customers may save up to 25% over their past energy consumption.
Turn off Smart Heat and set your target water temperature. When finished turn Smart Heat back on.

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