Retail price: €23,990

Monthly Payments: $49/month

Model Overview

A family spa with luxury features

206 cm x 219 cm x 96 cm
Space for : 6 Adults
Lounge & seating
41 Jets Total
CLEARRAY® UV-C Technology + Filtration
Volume Spa
1476 L
Spa Weight
2213 kg. Filled
397 kg. Empty
Water management system
CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen™ Clean Water System.
230 VAC 50 Hz @ 16A/20A/32A2/3 x 16A

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About the Altamar® spa

With room for up to six adults, the Altamar® spa offers a lounge seat, several seat heights and best of all, including illuminated handles and air-only jets that provide optional SunScents Aromatherapy. In the lounge seat of this 880™ Series spa, you can surrender your wrists and muscles to a Swedish body massage while soft, bubbling bubbles soothe your legs and hips. In the exclusive Intelli-Jet™ Therapy Seat and the deepest Accu-Ssage™ Seat, which immerses the entire body, several jets improve blood circulation, make muscle aches disappear and get you ready for the day.

An asymmetrical foot dome is also tucked away in the corner of the deeply carved footwell to ensure that tired feet are not forgotten. The optional beautiful SunSide furniture features corner lighting that is as functional as it is architectural, drawing the eye to the modern design while providing added safety. There is also an illuminated status light that gives you a quick indication at a glance.

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Intelli-Jet™ Seat

Accu-ssage™ Therapy Seat

Lounge Seat

Features of the Altamar® spa

Whirlpool Jet
The Whirlpool Jet provides deep tissue hydromassage with maximum massage range. Bold, adjustable and powerful, the Whirlpool Jet is known for its deep muscle penetration
Vortex™ Jet
You can count on the Vortex™ Jet for a truly all-encompassing massage experience. Enjoy a deep tissue massage for the entire body to relieve muscle tension and joint pain. Many say they feel the positive effects long after they leave the spa.
Pulsator™ Jet
Are you looking for relief from the discomfort of carpal tunnel syndrome in your wrists? The Pulsator™ Jet applies concentrated pressure to the muscles and joints in your wrist, relieving pain and improving mobility by targeting the right pressure points.
Focus Relief® Jet
The Focus Relief® Jet brings a gentle, yet effective flow of water and bubbles to your pressure points for a deep tissue massage. This concentrated hydromassage can relieve your entire body of built-up muscle tension, stress and strain.
Fluidix® ST™ Jet
Enjoy a comprehensive massage experience that addresses all parts of your body. The Fluidix® ST™ Jet creates a targeted, deep tissue massage that can be adjusted in terms of both intensity and pressure.
Fluidix® Reflex™ Jet
Experience invigorating relief from muscle pain with the Swedish massage motion of the Fluidix® Reflex™ Jets in your hot tub. These jets are adjustable so you can target them to your stiff areas for relief, while benefiting from increased circulation and relaxation.
Fluidix® Nex™ Jet
The Fluidix® Nex™ Jet is essential for relieving muscle tension and stiffness. This adjustable jet can help you create a more customized hydrotherapy experience by relieving tension in your neck and tension in other small muscles and sensitive nerves, based on your needs.
Fluidix® Intelli-Jet™
Both powerful and adjustable, the Fluidix® Intelli-Jet™ provides deep tissue hydromassage with maximum massage range. You can customize these jets to meet your unique needs for a truly customized spa experience.
Accu-Pressure™ Jet
The Accu-Pressure™ Jet delivers a deep tissue massage to various pressure points to help relieve muscle tension and joint pain. Enjoy an extended hydromassage every time you soak.

Optional features of the Altamar® spa

SmartTub® Water Management System
Enjoy an advanced approach to spa ownership with the SmartTub® system. Once connected via an app on your mobile device, you can control, monitor and interact with your spa remotely. Whether you're on vacation or working overtime, you're always in the know when it comes to your spa. Read More
Integrated BLUEWAVE® Stereo
Access music on your smartphone with the Bluetooth® audio. Comes with marine-grade speakers, a subwoofer for deep bass, and a wireless remote control. 3.5mm Aux input for MP3 players and USB power for your mobile device.
EcoWrap® Insulation
EcoWrap® Insulation helps to better retain heat in your spa, resulting in lower operating costs and taking pressure off your spa system. Combined with a high-quality cover, you can enjoy a premium spa experience at an affordable price.

The Smarttub™ System

Control your Altamar® spa from anywhere

Control your Sundance® Spa from your smartphone with the SmartTub™ app.

The 880™ Series

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