Cameo 2023

Cameo 2023

Retail price: €24,990

Monthly Payments: $49/month


Model Overview

Delivers the famous Hot Tub hydrotherapy

226 cm x 226 cm x 96 cm
Space for : 6 Adults
Only sitting
54 Jets Total
CLEARRAY UV-C Technology + Filtration
Volume Spa
1401 L
Spa Weight
2214 kg. Filled
436 kg. Empty
Water management system
CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ Clean Water System
230-240 VAC 50 Hz @ 40A/16A/20A/32A, 3 x 16A

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About the Cameo 2023 spa

The Cameo® spa seats up to six adults, with a perfect variety of seat heights for different body types. This 880™ Series model, our best-selling lounge model, has the best of everything from illuminated handles to air-only aromatherapy jets. The optional SunSide furniture cover has corner lighting that is as functional as it is architectural, drawing the eye to the modern design while providing added safety.

Melt into the lounge chair and feel your stress disappear thanks to the widest range of Fluidix® jets, from your neck to your wrists to your feet. Throughout the Cameo® spa, you'll also find a variety of seating options, from the customer-favorite Accu-Ssage™ seat with deep immersion to the exclusive, bold, therapeutic Intelli-Jet™ seat. An asymmetrical foot dome is also tucked away in the corner of the deep footwell so you can move comfortably in the spa.

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Intelli-Jet™ Seat

Accu-ssage™ Therapy Seat

The Smarttub™ System

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The 880™ Series

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