Water care

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Clean water is essential.

If you want to make the most of your new spa or relax during a hydrotherapy session, one thing is essential: clean water. Modern filtration and water management systems can make water maintenance easier than ever, allowing you to spend less time caring for your spa and therefore more time enjoying your garden oasis.

It all starts with Filtration.

Your spa's filters are working all the time to keep the water free of debris and ready for the water treatment process. The filtration system in a Sundance® Spas Jacuzzi not only ensures clean, sparkling water, but it also means less maintenance. In fact, our system sets the bar higher than traditional filtration systems by efficiently combining highly effective filtration, water circulation and water separation processes, a unique horizontal filter orientation for wider skimming and a circulation pump that filters seven times more water per minute than other brands of spas.

The Sundance® Spas brand sets the standard for robust and perfected, efficient water filtration, and that means less time spent maintaining your spa. Whichever Sundance® Spas model you choose, you can be sure you're getting the best water management system.

Basic water maintenance roadmap.

Frequency of use, water quality and weather conditions all affect bath water quality. Fortunately, the CLEARRAY® Water Management System simplifies a lot, so you can enjoy your Sundance® Spa to the max. All you have to do is perform the following minor maintenance at the designated frequencies, and your water will be and stay clear and ultra-clean all the time. It's that simple. If you have more questions about spa and water maintenance, check out our Q&A section. If you still have questions, you can contact your local Sundance® Spas dealer directly via phone, email or the chat feature.

After each use





Every five years

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It doesn't get any easier.

So you see; with today's modern technologies, water care and maintenance only takes a few minutes a week. The latest UV-C and ozone technology, along with numerous other convenient features, makes caring for and maintaining good water quality a breeze. So you only have to spend time relaxing in your Sundance® Spa.