Hot Tub Safety 101: Preparation, Maintenance & More

Sundance Spas Hot Tub installation with steps

Your hot tub safety is always a top priority. There are a number of things that you can do to improve the safety of your spa. Make it a safe space for children and other members of your family with help from us. For more information, visit your local Sundance® Spas dealership.

Hot Tub Safety and Security for Children

Hot tub safety begins with the protection of your children. Here are just a few rules and guidelines that should be followed to ensure the little members of your family can enjoy your spa safely.

  • Monitor time. Soaking time should be kept to 10 minutes or less for children under 10 years old.
  • Lower the temperature. Because children have a lower tolerance to the heat, you should lower the temperature to about 94°F.
  • Supervise. There should always be a responsible adult present when children are in the hot tub. They should make sure children stay seated in the hot tub and don’t jump or horse around.
  • Educate older children. If you have teens who use the hot tub without supervision, ensure they know how to turn off all the power to the hot tub in case of emergency.
  • Set ground rules. Many children are already familiar with pool rules, and hot tub rules are similar. See the next section on “Hot Tub Ground Rules.”
  • Secure the area. See the section below on “Childproofing” to help prevent accidents.

Ease of Entry

  • Steps
  • Low Entry
  • Grab Bars
  • Lighting

Ensure your children and any visitors understand your hot tub’s ground rules:

  • Do not use the hot tub without adult supervision.
  • Do not submerge your head underwater.
  • No running around or horseplay in the hot tub area.
  • Stay away from the drain, because hair or clothes can get stuck in it.
  • Avoid using electronics like phones and tablets in or around the hot tub.


Hot tub covers: Covers are essential to your hot tub safety for many reasons, including saving energy, keeping your water clear, and preventing unsupervised children from accessing the hot tub. Quality hot tub covers come with locking straps to hold the cover to the top of the tub, adding an additional barrier to keep children out.

Gates: A lockable gate system set up around your hot tub is one of the best ways to ensure children don’t have access. Your system should be at least four feet high. If your hot tub has steps, you can also block the step area with a gate.

Walkways: Think ahead in order to prevent accidents, even when children are supervised. Line walkways and the entire circle around the hot rub with slip-resistant mats, and keep the mats as dry as possible with absorbent towels.

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