Outdoor Hot Tub Installation Trends for 2020

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Make 2020 the beginning of an entirely new outdoor hot tub installation. With help from some of the latest backyard hot tub trends, you can transform your Sundance® Spas hot tub installation into something magical. After all, hot tubs and spas are about so much more than just hot water. They are about the overall experience that can be enjoyed, which begins and ends with the installation itself.

In this article, find the best hot tub installation trends of 2020.

Landscape Lighting for Your Outdoor Hot Tub Installation

Prioritize both functionality and style with the addition of high-quality landscape lighting. Outdoor lighting can be added to the side of your house, along walkways, in garden areas, and even surrounding your hot tub itself. Highlight the best features of your backyard living space at night, all while lighting the way for family and friends.


In 2020, less is more. Minimalism can offer your backyard a clean aesthetic that doesn’t overwhelm or confuse the human eye. Too many colors, textures, and features can quickly turn your backyard hot tub installation into an area that is the opposite of aesthetically pleasing. Create balance, enjoy open spaces, and really enjoy the features that you do include, by creating a minimalist backyard space.

Privacy & Seclusion

Is your outdoor hot tub installation lacking privacy? There are a number of ways that you can create a more secluded area and truly enjoy your next soak.

Consider adding the following:

  • Gazebo
  • Pergola
  • Garden trellis
  • Privacy screens
  • Tall bushes

With the right design, you can create a private and secluded hot tub installation with ease.

Enjoy the View

Does your backyard space back out onto an incredible view? Whether it be a body of water, forest or mountains, make the view an integral part of your hot tub installation. Install your hot tub at the highest point where you can truly take in the beauty of the view. To gain extra height, consider building up your installation with a deck or brick surround.

Outdoor Living Spaces

What better way to utilize your backyard, than creating a complete outdoor living space? Take the comfort of luxury of your home to the great outdoors with your hot tub as the main attraction. First, complement your spa with the best outdoor furniture for your lifestyle.

This can include an outdoor dining table and patio set, couches and chairs, coffee tables, and side tables, among a number of other pieces. From there, add your entertainment pieces, such as a BBQ, fire pit, fire table, fountain, or outdoor stereo system. Lastly, add the finishing touches with the right accessories, including but not limited to outdoor lighting, pillows, blankets, candles, tiki torches, and string lights.

Incorporate these features in a way that provides your backyard living space with flow, balance, and functionality.

Sundance Spas Netherlands

Is the addition of an outdoor hot tub what your backyard is in need of? Visit your local Sundance® Spas dealer in the Netherlands to browse hot tubs for sale. One of the experts at your local Sundance® Spas dealer and hot tub store would be glad to assist you.

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