Simple Steps to Drain, Clean and Refill Your Hot Tub

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Your hot tub or spa is like a big bathtub – except that you wait for some time before draining the water. As more people use it over and over, both organic and inorganic deposits make the hot tub water dirtier and dirtier, which is why it’s essential to drain and clean your hot tub. Generally, you should drain, clean, and refill your hot tub every 3-4 months. However, clean more often when it is used frequently and by a larger group of people or if the water has a problem that cannot be rectified by simple cleaning and testing.

There’s more to cleaning your hot tub than simply draining and wiping with a cleaning solution. Learn about the benefits of proper cleaning, how it should be done, and how your local Sundance Spas hot tub store technicians can help with everything from hot tub repair to routine maintenance like draining and cleaning.

The Benefits of Draining and Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Even though you treat, sanitize and shock your hot tub water regularly, you will need to replace it altogether at some point. Contaminants such as body oils and lotions, cosmetics, hair products, sweat, and dead skin are introduced into the water when the tub is used. These contaminants also get into the plumbing and filters, and can create a layer of bacteria that is hard to get rid of, called a biofilm.

You can only get rid of the biofilm by carefully draining and cleaning the hot tub using the right hot tub and plumbing cleaning products. Your hot tub is due for service/maintenance if it:

  • Emits bad odors
  • Has cloudy or murky water, even after treatment/shocking
  • Has been used by very many people in a short time-span
  • Has not been used for a long while e.g. after winter

Draining Your Hot Tub

Ensure the spa is disconnected from power before attempting any maintenance tasks. Start by adding a plumbing cleaning agent before draining your hot tub. The cleaner is specially made to break down biofilm buildup in the pipes and filters. It should sit/circulate for a while (check the package) – allow a few hours of circulation or even overnight before draining.

You can drain the tub by connecting a hose and allowing gravity to push out the water, but this can take hours. Alternatively, a sump pump can empty the hot tub in minutes. The wastewater should go into the sewer system, but some people drain into their backyards or gardens.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

Clean or replace your filter while the tub is draining off – rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove the cleaning agents. Spray the shell with a hot tub cleaner and wash, paying attention to any nooks and crannies. Remove residues with soft microfiber cloths and rinse all surfaces thoroughly. You may also want to take this opportunity to clean your hot tub filter, along with other accessories such as the steps or cover. Drain the cleaning water the same way as the dirty spa water.

Refilling Your Hot Tub

Finally, add fresh water through a hose with a filter to reduce the volume of impurities. Always use high-quality water to reduce the risks of stains and mineral deposits. Stay close to avoid flooding, especially in indoor tubs.

Contact Your Local Sundance® Spas Dealership

Does all this sound too complicated? All Sundance® Spas Netherlands hot tub stores, suppliers of Sundance® Spas, have a spa service department that can help with spa maintenance. Contact your local Sundance® Spas dealer today to get help with your routine spa maintenance or to find your dream hot tub for sale.

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