The Top 4 Benefits of Hot Tub Covers

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Hot tubs are a great way to help you find relaxion in your busy routine or recover following intense exercise. However, to enjoy your investment, your spa needs regular maintenance. Therefore, hot tub covers are just as essential! While some may think of a hot tub cover as another part of their spa, picking the wrong one could impact the benefits.

This article will look at the importance of hot tub covers, what they are and what they do. As well as uncover the benefits of hot tub covers and the signs of when you need to invest in one.

What is a Hot Tub Cover?

A hot tub cover is used as a lid that you take on and off when you want to use your spa. Some people think once they’ve seen one hot tub cover, they’ve seen them all! While most covers are designed with the same basic structural concept, there are more differences than meets the eye.

They are usually made from solid foam cores that are sealed in plastic cases. The foam core of a hot tub cover can be made with one, two, or more pieces of foam. However, the density affects the energy efficiency and the weight of snow or debris the hot tub cover can handle before the foam core starts to deteriorate.

Most hot tub covers are made with marine grade vinyl that is treated to prevent mildew and block UV rays to minimise fading. That’s why it’s worth investing in a high-quality cover from the beginning, as it offers a range of benefits.

What Does a Hot Tub Cover Do?

A hot tub cover doesn’t just act as a lid you simply place on top when you’re done. As well as keeping debris and snow from falling in, it is designed to make your maintenance more manageable. Covers are built to fold at a certain point to make removal easier when you want to use your spa. They are also designed with a tapered height from the middle to the outer edge, which helps when shedding off water and snow.

More than that, a good hot tub cover will keep your children and pets safe from the water, add protection to your investment, and keep energy bills low. As well as keep dirt out and shield it from harsh weather conditions.

What Are the Benefits of a Hot Tub Cover?

1. It Protects Your Spa

You’ve spent a lot of money on your hot tub, so it’s essential you care for it properly. A high-quality cover is key to keeping your spa perfectly maintained and adding years to its working function.

A durable marine-grade material protects hot tub filters and jets from the elements, reducing breakdowns and the need to replace parts.

2. It Keeps the Water Clean

A cover can protect an indoor or outdoor hot tub from debris. Rainwater, leaves, dirt, insects, and dust can fall into the spa and dirty the water.

However, a hot tub cover can keep out any debris, which reduces the need for cleaning the spa and the use of chemicals.

3. It Saves You Money

As well as reducing your water bill from less debris entering the water, a cover is energy-efficient as it traps the temperature inside. The right cover will seal around the sides and prevent any heat from escaping. As a result, it’s a short-term cost for long-term savings.

4. It Improves Safety

When it comes to water, the safety of your family and pets is a big concern. However, a hot tub cover can ease your anxiety by preventing unsupervised children or pesky pets from accessing the spa. In addition, some covers come with secure straps that add an extra layer of protection by locking the lid closed.

Signs You Need a Hot Tub Cover

You may think your current hot tub cover protects your spa perfectly fine. However, as soon as it becomes damaged, the condition of your hot tub decreases. While some simple repairs can keep your spa running, there are signs when a cover needs to be replaced:

  • Wear and decay are often overlooked, but a deteriorating cover reduces the protection and cost-reducing benefits
  • Rips in your cover could mean contaminants and pollutants have affected the hot tub
  • A heavy and odorous cover is a sign moisture has seeped inside, which could mean harmful bacteria are growing and decontaminating the water
  • Brittle foam cores are a sign of an improper chemical balance in the water, which can cause further damage to the cover

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Are you ready to invest in a cover for your hot tub? The short-term expense offers a range of benefits to your spa. Whether you want to reduce your energy bills or create added protection for your family. Our experts at Sundance Spas are here to help you find the right one to preserve your investment.

That’s why we offer General Care and Water Care resources on our website to help you get the most out of your spa. Contact the team of specialists at your local Sundance Spas showroom in the Netherlands today.

We promise to help you find the perfect spa for your home and budget and share our knowledge to help maintain your investment.

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